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Expert Gum Shields in Reading

For those in Theale, Thatcham, Newbury or wider Reading, we provide custom gum shields for those who play sports or need help breathing at night.

If you’re a contact sport athlete or have sleep conditions such as snoring, teeth grinding, or sleep apnea, a custom-made gum shield, commonly known as a mouthguard, is an excellent protective barrier for your teeth. Abacus Dental Studio offers durable gum shield solutions made of high-quality, flexible material custom designed to comfortably fit your mouth while preventing teeth injuries.

The Custom-Made Gum Shield Process

To begin the process of fabricating your custom-made mouth guard, our dental professionals will take an impression of your teeth. This impression will ensure your mouthguard fits properly to your unique bite. Using your impression, a flexible, rubber-like material is used to create your custom gum shield.

Mouth Guards for Sleep Conditions

The purpose of using a mouthguard to reduce sleep conditions is to facilitate the opening of your airways. The mouthguard works to push the jaw forward, increasing the size of the airway and minimising the resistance responsible for snoring and sleep apnea. Mouthguards also combat teeth grinding, serving as a protective barrier between your lower and upper teeth while loosening the pressure across your jaw.

Mouth Guards for Sports

For athletes who engage in contact sports, a custom-made gum shield is an essential tool to preserve the integrity of your teeth. Gum shields designed for sportswear securely fit your teeth for protection against direct impact to your mouth. Due to their individualised design, these properly fitted mouthguards do not hinder your ability to speak or breathe, providing a practical solution to protecting your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gum Guards


Why Should I Wear a Gum Shield?

A gum shield is an unparalleled tool, preventing damage to teeth, jaw fractures, and neck injuries. Gum shields offer protection against situations where the lower jaw slams against the upper jaw. They are also an effective addition to facilitating the movement of soft tissue in the oral cavity away from the teeth, minimising the risk of laceration and bruising of the lips and cheeks.

Which Athletes Should Wear a Gum Shield?

A professionally made mouthguard is recommended for athletes who play contact sports and may be affected by high-impact blows or hard surfaces. No matter the sport you play, we can custom-tailor exceptional protective mouth guards, such as a hockey gum shield or rugby gum shield, to protect your smile from injury.

Why Are Mouth Guard Home Kits Not Recommended?

Thermoplastic, or “boil-and-bite” gum shields do not offer the wealth of protective benefits associated with a custom-made gum shield fabricated by a dental expert. These cheaper gum shield alternatives are thin and do not provide the same secure fit as a professional gum shield. They also tend to shift and fall out and can become choking hazards.

How Long Will My Mouth Guard Last?

Mouthguards used for sports protection experience faster deterioration due to impact and may need frequent replacement. A child’s mouthguard will also need to be replaced regularly due to their growing and shifting teeth. If you feel your mouthguard is too loose, tight, or ill-fitting, it is recommended to bring it to your dentist for re-fitting to ensure effective protection.

Choose Abacus Dental Studio for Your Custom Gum Shield

Backed by more than 42 years of dental experience, Abacus Dental Studio is the leading choice for custom-made gum shields in Reading. With a reputation for unrivaled work and outstanding customer service, Abacus Dental Studio takes pride in offering leading dental solutions that improve our patients’ quality of life.

Optimal Smile Protection With Abacus Dental Studio

Your smile is your first impression, and should be handled with care. Whether you struggle with chronic teeth grinding, sleep apnea, or snoring, or if you’re an athlete looking to shield your teeth from harmful collisions, Abacus Dental Studio has a custom-made gum shield solution for you! Contact our friendly team today to schedule your gum shield impression!

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