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We provide denture cleaning for those living in Theale, Newbury, Thatcham or wider Reading to help keep your dentures clean and healthy.

How to Care for Your Dentures

Tartar cannot be removed from dentures or dental partials with over-the-counter denture cleaners. On dentures and denture teeth, professional cleaning and polishing will remove the majority of stains and tartar accumulation. On dentures, tartar accumulation most often appears as a vanilla-coloured crust between the denture teeth and on the sides of the appliance. The tartar is the same kind that a dentist removes from a patient’s healthy teeth.

Dentures should be taken care of the same way as real teeth. So that you don’t have further tooth loss, swollen gums, or bacterial and fungal infections, you should maintain them as clean as you can. Generally speaking, we advise that you carefully clean them at least once daily, and if necessary, immediately after eating.

At Abacus Dental Studio, we provide denture cleaning services to help keep our patients’ smiles healthy and bright. Read about denture cleaning processes and how to care for your dentures at home.

Denture Cleaning Solutions

Some stubborn denture stains, such as those brought on by tea, coffee, and red wine, are challenging to remove at home. These stains might accumulate despite your frequent cleaning of your dentures. Additionally, your dentures may be cleaned to eliminate stains in the same way that individuals periodically get their real teeth cleaned to remove surface stains.

The denture may accumulate plaque as well. These buildups can taste bad, be unsightly, feel rough to the touch, and even produce poor breath. Your denture’s fit and comfort may also be impacted by them.

To properly remove surface stains and deposits from your denture, a Sympro machine employs mild mechanical movement. It effectively eliminates regularly recurring deposits, boosting your confidence and comfort with your denture while preventing any breaking or scratches. After that, the dentures are polished gently, just like they were when you initially got them. This process takes about 30-45 minutes.

Caring for dentures at home

Dropping dentures might result in damage. In case you drop them, always wipe your dentures over a bowl of water or a folded towel. The usual rule for cleaning dentures is to brush and soak them every day. First, brush your dentures to get rid of any food debris. Instead of toothpaste, use a non-abrasive denture cleaning. Avoid scrubbing too vigorously, as this may leave grooves in the surface.

Be sure to clean the dentures’ whole surface, especially the part that rests on your gums. If you use any sort of denture fixative, this is extremely crucial. Every day, soak your dentures in a denture-washing solution. Any remaining plaque and difficult stains will be removed with this. Your dentures will feel cleaner and better after being cleaned. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

It’s crucial to avoid cleaning your dentures with any sort of bleaching agent. Bleaching has the potential to degrade dentures and give them an ugly appearance. Don’t immerse your dentures in water that is too hot. Once more, it may make the dentures brittle and shatter.

If you notice any buildup, scale, stains, or tartar, schedule an appointment with our team to have them professionally cleaned.

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Dentures are great solutions to repairing your smile and allowing you to converse and eat. However, they still require proper care and attention like regular teeth. If you notice anything wrong with your dentures, do not attempt to fix them yourself. Instead, call our office to schedule an appointment. Our helpful staff provides comprehensive denture services, including repairs and cleaning, to our patients.

Contact us and meet the owner and professional dental technician Paul Moorcroft at Abacus Dental Studio. Paul has more than 42 years of expertise making new dentures and fixing broken ones.

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