New Dentures in Reading

Come to Abacus Dental Studio and meet the owner, Paul Moorcroft, RDT,CDT,RSC,Eng., a clinical dental technologist.

paul-moorcroftPaul has over 42 years of experience in providing new dentures and denture repairs. He gained his Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology in 2011 and is registered as a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) with the General Dental Council (GDC Number 153188).

Paul has run his practice in Theale for the past 30 years and has gained a reputation for great work and outstanding customer service.

‘I understand that it can be difficult at times to visit the practice, so I am happy to visit you at your home or in hospital if that is more convenient.’ Paul Moorcroft

What is a CDT?

A Clinical Dental Technician is an individual who deals specifically with denture construction. Previously known as Dental technicians or Mechanics, CDT’s are a recent addition to the Dental Team.

CDT’s can undertake every step in the construction of a denture from the first impression through to the final adjustments. For patients who have lost all their existing natural teeth, this service is ideal as you will receive a one-to-one service with the person who will construct and manufacture your denture.

For those patients who have retained some of their natural teeth (partial denture wearers), a signed prescription from your dentist will be required. Alternatively this can be arranged with one of the number of dentists that I work with. This requirement is to justify the suitability of the remaining teeth for a partial denture.