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Denture Reline & Soft Lining Services

We provide expert denture reline and soft lining services for people across Reading, especially in Theale, Thatcham and Newbury.

As your gums and the supporting bones for your dentures alter over time, they may no longer fit comfortably. Relining is a technique for improving the fit of dentures by altering the inside portion of the foundation using an acrylic resin. This method only modifies the base of the dentures to accommodate your changing gums’ changing form without modifying the look of the dentures.

A denture reline is a quick process to contour a denture’s underside so that it fits the wearer’s gums more comfortably. Dentures need to be relined from time to time as they start to slip within the mouth. The procedure frequently costs little money and takes little time. The terms “soft” and “hard” relate to the two types of relining. At Abacus Dental Studio, we can complete both types of relining right here in our office. We will adapt our process to meet your needs. Learn more about denture relines and soft lining, and call our office to schedule an appointment.

Do I Need My Dentures Relined?

The bone that originally encircled a tooth’s root will start to decay once it is totally extracted. Since the bone is no longer required to protect a tooth, the body repurposes the resources it delivered there.

The jaw’s form and gum line alter over time as a result of bone loss brought on by the dentures. With time, the dentures will start to slide off since they no longer fit as securely. In the weeks and months following tooth removal, this process starts quickly. After that, it begins to wane but keeps on for the rest of the patient’s life. A denture reline is required to ensure that dentures continue to tightly fit the mouth as it changes over time.

Soft Reline

Soft relines are frequently preferred. Patients often find this operation to be more pleasant, especially if they just started wearing dentures and are losing bone more quickly. The denture’s depth is increased by the dentist using a liquid polymer. To assist the dentist in securely fitting the denture, the patient provides input on how it feels.

Soft relines typically happen extremely quickly. One advantage of performing soft relines in-office is that the patient does not need to wait for the lab to return their dentures. However, due to the material used, soft relines require more regular relining.

Hard Reline

In contrast to soft relines, hard relines are constructed of the same material as the denture base and offer a permanent fix. If your mouth is in good health and able to accommodate a new denture foundation, a hard reline will often be employed. The fundamental steps are the same. Hard relines can be applied in the office or in a lab and frequently last years longer than soft relines.

Before we begin, we will discuss the best approach for you and your dentures.

Denture Relining Process

There are a few quick and easy steps included in the process. They are as follows:

  • Taking part of the plastic off of your denture’s fitting surface
  • Applying a layer of gentle impression material to the surface after trimming
  • Repositioning within your mouth to obtain a gum imprint
  • Using this precise imprint, a new hard or soft basis may be made.

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Denture relines are a wonderful option for some people to help mould their dentures into a better fit. If your dentures are uncomfortable, we can help. Contact Abacus Dental Studio today to schedule a consultation.

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