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Make Sure Your Dentures Fit Comfortably

For those living in Theale, Thatcham, Newbury or wider Reading, we offer denture adjustment services for people who are suffering discomfort, sores or other issues with your current dentures.

Many people can speak, eat, and smile regularly, thanks to dentures. If you wear dentures, you are aware that appropriate maintenance is necessary to make sure they last as long as possible. But sometimes, you need to have an expert properly adjust and resize your dentures, so they fit and function properly.

When wearing dentures, it’s impossible to avoid wondering if your dentures need to be adjusted. Although you are aware that modifications are frequently required, you are not aware of the symptoms. Find out the typical warning indications that an adjustment is needed. If you notice any irregularities or have trouble speaking or eating, contact the team at Abacus Dental Studio. We have over 30 years of denture expertise and look forward to helping you with our denture adjustment services.

Do My Dentures Need Adjusting?

You should not attempt to adjust your dentures by yourself. The dentures may shatter if they are adjusted at home. Instead, we advise you to contact our office to schedule an adjustment appointment. We can make quick and careful precise adjustments in our office.

After making the necessary changes, we evaluate the fit and repeat the procedure until the fit is ideal for you. When fitted correctly, dentures are stable in the mouth and enable users to carry out daily activities like talking and eating. Don’t put off adjusting your dentures, as it can cause additional issues. Read about common reasons we see patients for denture adjustment services.

Slipping Dentures

Many people report experiencing denture slippage after obtaining new dentures. When individuals cough or laugh, the dentures shift out of position. When individuals grin, the dentures occasionally drift out of position. Patients are taught how to hold their dentures in place with their cheek and tongue muscles. If the issue still exists after using the muscles, the dentures need to be modified because the fit is not snug enough to hold them in place.

Difficulty Eating

It’s typical for denture wearers to first struggle with eating. When acquiring dentures for the first time, people frequently consume soft, simple-to-chew meals. Denture users, however, should rapidly become used to the prosthesis. A change is required if people keep having chewing issues or if the condition worsens. People will be able to chew easily when the modification secures the fit better.


Mild pain is common immediately after receiving dentures. After patients get acclimated to wearing the prosthesis, the pain goes away. However, the prostheses probably need to be changed if the dentures subsequently start to feel unpleasant. Dentures that don’t fit properly might cause uncomfortable gum areas. If the dentures are not adjusted, it might result in serious gum inflammation and blisters.

In addition to modifying the patient’s dentures, we may offer advice on how to calm the patient’s gums and advance recovery. For instance, we can advise using a saltwater rinse to speed up recovery. Additionally, dental adhesives could be suggested.

Difficulty Speaking

Speaking also requires your teeth, just like chewing. You can slur your words, lisp, or spit excessively when you first wear dentures. As you become adjusted to the dentures, these speech problems should go away.

You could require a change, though, if they come back or if your speech style alters in any other way. Uncomfortable dentures may shift as you talk, which might make it challenging to utter some words. Usually, reshaping or relining your dentures will take care of the issue.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Make an appointment with the staff at Abacus Dental Studio if you need a denture adjustment to get it done properly. If you are having problems eating, your dentures are slipping, or you have pain or sores, you should schedule an appointment. We can swiftly make the correction and return your dental appliance to its original functionality. We also may suggest a different course of action, such as a denture repair to ensure the proper fit, if an adjustment was unable to resolve the problem.

We have over 30 years of experience helping patients make the most of their smiles with denture adjustments, cleanings, fittings, repairs, and more. Dentures aren’t supposed to be uncomfortable. They are designed to look natural and help you eat, converse, and keep the structure of your face and smile intact. If you have any of the above issues, contact our office right away for quick and painless adjustments.

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