The Making Of A Custom Mouthguard

Custom-fit mouthguards are handmade from start to finish by experienced Clinical Dental Technician, Paul Moorcroft, at our surgery and lab at 15 High Street, Theale, Reading, Berkshire. Please call on 0118 9303965.

Each mouthguard is made from an exact mold of the natural teeth, resulting in a mouthguard that stays locked in place, allows you to breathe, and is extremely comfortable to wear. Unlike boil & bite mouthguards that are mass-produced as a “one size fits all” product, each mouthguard we produce is individually made to fit you and ONLY you.

      1. The athelete gets fitted bu having a dental impression taken of their upper teeth
      2. Using the impression, a plaster mold is created to fabricate the custom mouthguard onto
      3. Dental grade mouthguard material is heated and pressure-formed onto the plastic mold